Good Samaritan World War II veterans video interviews, tell of the service to our country and the value of our freedom.

Veteran Interview videos Viewed best at 1024x768. These are veteran history interviews, the videos are unrehearsed, uncensored and unscripted. This is real history straight from the people who were  there. World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq...all branches of service: Army Navy, Air Force, Marines
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Veteran Duane Smith video interview

Veteran Ted Foote video interview of his Military service

Good Samaritan veteran Gus Martin video interview of his military service.

Our first Lady Veteran from World War II, hear her story of service to our country

Veteran Ralph Enlow of Good Samaritan Village in Kissimmee Florida tells of his miltary service during world war ii.

Anopther woman world war ii veteran Leota Leavens tells of her military service

Veteran Robert Oradat from Good Samaritan Village, Kissimmee, Florida, tells of his militayr service in this video interview

World War II veteran Don Titus from the Good Samaritan Village, Kissimmee Florida, tells of his service to our country.

Veteran Chuck Johnson tells of his military service

WWII Veteran Phil Hazelton in a video interview of his military service to our country.

WWII Veteran Graham Smith from the Good Samaritan Village of Kissimmee Florida, tells of his military service in this video interview

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