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Veteran Interview videos Viewed best at 1024x768. These are veteran history interviews, the videos are unrehearsed, uncensored and unscripted. This is real history straight from the people who were  there. World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq...all branches of service: Army Navy, Air Force, Marines
Volume One , April 2006click on the veterans photo to view
Jerry Kervin, Military Police  Gerald "Jerry" Kervin.....Military Police
Hector Rodriguez Veteran    Hector Rodriguez

Veteran Hector Rodriquez US Army

Veteran Rodriquez 22 years in the Army, from 1982 thru 2003.Basic training in Fort Benning, GA in 1982 after just arriving from Puerto Rico and had language barriers and other obstacles to overcome. Hector served in the 42nd infantry, a National Guard unit, he was a Drill Instructor, a tank commander (M1 with crew of four), Military Police and Instructor of weaponry. Hector expresses great gratitude and pride for those who serve today, some of whom he helped train. With service in Germany, Korea and other places he met 'alot of good people'. Currently Hector has two sons serving in the military also, his fathers pride is evident!! Thank you Hector for your service.

Frank Clark   Frank G. Clark... NAVY

Veteran Frank G Clark U.S. Navy

Veteran Clark served in the US Navy. Frank is also one of the founding members of the Veterans Tribute & Museum of Osceola County, Kissimmee, Florida. Instrumental in putting together a tribute & assistance service to veterans of all branches. Veterans Affairs involvement has/is keeping Frank busy. Thanks Frank for your service and caring!!

Kenn Hills NAVY Veteran  Kenn Hills...NAVY

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