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Veteran Interview videos Viewed best at 1024x768, Veteran video interviews are unrehearsed, uncensored, and unscripted, this is real history in the veterans own words.

Volume Two, May 2006click on the veterans photo to view

Jim Kervin Veteran Viet Nam   Jim Kervin    

Veteran Jim Kervin U.S.Army
At 17 Jim Kervin enlisted in the Army..1962. Trained at Ft.Jackson,S.C..
Spent two years in Germany 1962-64, was out 64-66, Re-enlisted from 66-72; 3.5 years in Viet Nam, central highlands...a recon platoon of 4th Division.
 Thank you Jim for your service! Taped at Veterans Tribute & Museum,Kissimmee,Florida

Harry DeMaria Veteran   Harry DeMaria

Veteran Harry DeMaria U.S.Army

Veteran DeMaria was drafted...an interesting view point. Harry came from New Jersey and served in Viet Nam from 1965-1967.
His story is short and to the point.
Thanks Harry for your service!

Clancy Lux   Clancy Lux      

Veteran Clancy Lux U.S. Army
Veteran Lux drafted 1971 and prepared for VietNam, struck down by pnuemonia, served at Walter Reed Hospital
 where he proudly ran stool samples, took soldiers for xrays and helped feed and nurture recovering soldiers.
Clancy has great admiration for those who serve and how service benefits the country.
Thank you for your service Clancy!

Jill Lux Verteran Spouse Key Volunteer Marines  Jill Lux

Veteran Spouse Jill Lux Key Volunteer Marines
Jill Lux gives us the point of view from a veteran and military spouse.
Her son is currently in the Marines and she serves as a Key Volunteer. Thank you for your service Jill.

C.E. Chuck Thompson   C.E. 'Chuck' Thompson    

Veteran C.E.'Chuck' Thompson US Army US AirForce

Veteran Thompson is a native of Kentucky, he joined the Army in 1970.
Every generation of his family has provided military service to our country all the way back to the Civil War.
During Chuck's 16 years of military service he served in VietNam as security, MP,Intell, Motor Sgt, Supply Sgt,
 1st Sgt. with much time devoted to traing the next generation of troops.
In order to gain a college education Chuck transferred into the AirForce and utilizing his degrees
his work helped create a Strategic Air Command Wing and participated in UN and NATO missions.
Ongoing,Chuck is a veterans advocate, assisting those in need.
Thanks for your service Chuck

Chris Falkowski Army Veteran  Chris Falkowski

Veteran Chris Falkowski US Army
Veteran Falkowski interview at Veteran Tribute & Museum in Kissimmee FL.
Chris served in the Womens Army Corp ( WACS ) and used her nursing training for 20 years training flight medics.
Her trainees are still serving today in first Desert Storm and currently Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Thank you Chris for your service!!

George Mayes Army Veteran World War II, Korea  George Mayes

Veteran George Mayes U.S.Army
Veteran Mayes served in World War II .
At age 18 he was drafted into the Army. Basic training in Fort Eustis VA.
He served in Korea in 1946-1949, spent 1950 in Germany where he was with the Big Red One, participated in the Berlin Airlift
and was bringing POW's out of Germany as the conflicts with Russia heated up.
Thank you George for your service!

George Wietzel  George Weitzel

Veteran George Weitzel U.S. Army
Veteran Weitzel US Army, interview. Enlisted 1959 when fresh out of college, draft was on, George was 1A.
He calls himself a Cold War soldier. served with 73rd Artillery,was commanded by Clayton Abrams,
saw the Berlin Wall built, in service during Cuban Missile Crisis and you might not believe it but..
George says he was ELVIS's replacement in the 3rd Armor Division

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